Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tiny Bubbles....

I've been blessed with three grand children and I love them all to bits! This lay out below features the smallest of the three. Her name is Jessica and she is my only grand daughter.

Jessica was born with Moebius syndrome, which means that she has NO facial expressions. To read her story click HERE. I never new about this very rare syndrome until  the doctors told us about it!I never ever thought that there were people on this earth that could not smile!!!! But she smiles from her heart!

Well back to the layout. AT the end of 2011 Jessica visited me and I played with a Bubble gun. When I saw this little face I ran for my camera, and Jandrè, my husband had a chance to play with the gun and I took pictures. Doesn't that little face show emotion? Oh my, she laughed so much and was truly amazed by all these lovely bubbles. 

I used my cuttlebug, and my "drink me" embossing folder to make the pink bubbles, and then I cut them out, stickled them and stuck them all over. Then I used my silhouette to cut out the title. I used a lot of glitter glue, because I felt this page has to "shine"

Thank you so much for looking, and please share this page!

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